Male Cheerleader: Skills for the Men on a Squad

Male Cheerleader

The fact is that male cheerleaders make up approximately 50% of cheerleaders at the collegiate level, despite cheerleading being a female-dominated sport in middle school and high school. The male cheerleaders are just as committed to training and making their routines perfect for competitions. It All Started With Male Cheerleaders 1898 was the year. Johnny … Read more

Teenagers’ Rights: Family and Social Rights

Teenagers' Rights

Teenagers have many rights, and parents need to protect them. Teens have no power over anything–even their own lives. Teenagers have more rights than we think. A Teenager’s Rights A teenager’s rights include family, social, health, legal and educational rights. Teenagers often have the right to make a decision without parental consent, whether it’s about … Read more

Types of Tween Magazines for Different Interests

Types of Tween Magazines for Different Interests

Tween magazines offer a wealth of information about social activities, fashion, school, and more to 8 to 14-year-olds. For this age group, there is a great selection of magazines, and subscribing is easy! Education Magazines for Tweens Whether used at home or in the classroom, educational tween magazines present non-fiction articles and facts. Ranger Rick … Read more