Any Jobs Are Available in Consumer Services?

Consumer services have now become an inevitable part of the economy. Due to high growth in this sector, reports claim that demand for such jobs will rise by 14% between 2016 and 2026. If you also see your future here, numerous opportunities are available. But do you know exactly how many jobs are available in consumer services? In this article, we will answer all your questions about consumer services and career options in this field.

What is Consumer Services?

Whether it is a small or large-scale industry, customers are the sole patron of a company’s goods and services. Consumer services is a type of job in which services are provided to customers; it can include anything, starting from offering customer support to helping with product orders.

The direct one-on-one relation between a consumer purchasing the product/service and a business representative selling it is known as consumer services.

This job role requires a direct interface between you and the consumer as you need to assist or guide them regarding product usage and help them with their queries.

Today, many companies have automated their consumer services department, yet people still feel more satisfied after speaking to a live person.

Customer happiness has always been the priority, and the consumer services sector helps achieve this goal. All in all, this is an important sector as it is responsible for a company’s overall customer experience. Let’s see how many jobs are available in consumer services.

How many Jobs are available in Consumer Services? Full List

Consumer Service is an excellent job for you if you are looking for a flexible and low-stress job that renders room for growth and advancement. Regardless of your location, there are numerous consumer services jobs, as even undeveloped countries require consumer services in almost all sectors. Let us begin our list.

1. Online Chat Support

You can opt for this job profile if you are fresher and looking for a decent salary. This job requires problem-solving skills, good typing speed and basic computer knowledge.

No prior training is required before starting this job; the companies usually provide product training to provide you with complete information about the product/service. It helps you to assist the customers in every aspect without any hesitation.

Your role as an online chat support executive will be to handle queries of the customers on web chat, social media and emails. There can be different queries wherein you will need to educate the customers about the product or service and help them with their queries.

Also, if there is something that you cannot handle, you will have to escalate them to the Team Leader or Ops team. The salary of an online chat support executive ranges from $35000 to $45000 annually. Now you know how many jobs are available in consumer services.

2. Guest Service Agent

The guest service agents are usually required in a hotel or a car rental business to help customers with their check-in, provide guests with hotel services information, help them find their rooms or vehicle and assist them with all their queries, doing all this in a courteous and friendly manner. Other additional role includes handling cash and credit card transactions and providing quality service to customers.

The skills required to become a guest service agent are good communication, empathy, friendliness, patience and problem-solving skills. Thus, as a guest service agent, you will have to take care of guest check-in and out, offering assistance to the individual needs and requests of all guests and responding to them promptly and efficiently.

The qualification required to apply for this job is usually a high school diploma or an equivalent degree and experience in the hotel industry. The salary of a guest service agent is usually around $35000 to $40000.

3. Account Manager

There is a need for an account manager in almost every sector, from the real estate industry to the corporate sector.

The primary role of an accounts manager is to see people working on accounts to ensure they are all doing their work correctly and delivering the desired results.

They have to see all the account coordinators and create strategies to increase the company’s sales and client satisfaction.

Their role includes answering high-level customer inquiries, meeting with the clients to know their preferences and monitoring their accounts to ensure they are receiving the best services.

Various key skills required for this job profile are communication skills and connecting with different kinds of personalities, time management, good listening skills and should possess good company and customer perspective to become successful.

The average salary of an account manager is around $65,000 to $70,000 annually, which is pretty good, making it one of the best jobs in the customer services sector.

4. Flight Attendant

When considering the factor of how many jobs are available in consumer services, this is one sector that you should not forget. There are numerous job opportunities for flight attendants because of the growing demand in the aviation sector.

The flight attendant has to ensure the passengers’ safety, security and comfort. The highlighting part is that flight attendants are given prior training of three to six weeks before onboarding.

The better you perform and the longer you stay, the chances of becoming a senior flight attendant increase.

The role of a flight attendant is to educate the passengers about safety regulations. They also serve meals on the plane, help them locate the washroom, assist them with their queries and clean the plane before the next onboarding starts.

To apply for this job, you must have a valid passport and should pass a background check and a drug test. The average salary of a flight attendant ranges from $45,000 to $55,000 annually. Now you know how many jobs are available in consumer services.

5. Customer Service Representative (CSR)

This is the first job that comes to mind when thinking about jobs in the customer service department. The role of a customer service representative is to respond to customer queries, issues and concerns.

Other additional responsibilities include taking orders, processing payments, providing information on goods and services and maintaining customer accounts.

They listen to their queries and ensure that they give them the best resolution in the minimum time. They work directly with the customers; thus, they need to have excellent communication and problem-solving skills.

They also reach out to customers and inform them about ongoing schemes, discounts, sales and company news. A lot of companies give them the target to make or receive a certain number of calls to complete the job.

The job of a CSR can be strenuous at times, especially while handling unhappy customers; thus, they need to have empathy and strong persuasion skills. The average salary of a CSR is around $35,000 to $40,000 annually.

6. Technical Support Engineer

This can be a great job profile in this sector, but you need to have a technical background for this job. Technically engineers usually possess a bachelor’s degree in robotics, computer science or a related field.

In this job profile, you need to provide technical support over the phone, chat or through email. They not only help customers with their complaints but also provide training and support on software or hardware-related issues.

They use the company’s regulations to implement solutions, troubleshoot technical issues and follow up with clients if required. They provide tips and solutions for tech products in advance so that the customer does not experience any issues while using the product.

To apply for this role, you need to have a tech background and good computer knowledge. The average salary of a technical support engineer is around $70,000 to $75,000 annually, and it can increase with your experience and knowledge.

7. Chief Customer Officer (CCO)

This role is not offered by every company, it is a high-end role. The company’s CCO sits amongst the company’s executive leadership team and is in direct contact with the board of directors to make important company decisions related to customers and teams that work with them.

This job is in the upper hierarchy of the company; thus, it requires the person to be experienced and qualified. Their job role is vast as they need to influence corporate activities of customer relations in the call centre, marketing, finance, sales and post-sales support.

They should have a strong organizational awareness with respect to customer experience and what are the barriers to progress so that they can guide the organization or team accordingly and move the meter.

To become a CCO, there are certain skills that one must possess, such as he should be strategic, customer-focused, excellent people skills, good knowledge about the company’s products and services and a “people-first” attitude. The average salary of a CCO ranges from $2,30,000 to $2,40,000.

8. Customer Service Manager

As a customer service manager, your primary responsibility is supervising the customer services team and ensuring they offer excellent customer service.

They strive hard to provide high customer service standards by training customer service employees and keeping track of their progress to provide excellent customer service. It is their job to create and implement policies and procedures to improve the quality of customer service.

They need to handle high-level queries of the customers and handle any conflicts that involve customers or employees. To apply for this role, you must have good communication skills, as you need to speak to customers frequently and guide your team at every step.

Also, you need to have some prior experience in customer service and good leadership for the role of a customer service manager. This is more of an office job role, but in some cases, you might also need to travel to meet the customers, so you should be ready for it.

The average salary of a customer service manager ranges from $45,000 to $50,000 annually. Now you know how many jobs are available in consumer services.

9. Host or Hostess

A lot of times, you must have seen a host or hostess in a restaurant, but it is important for you to know that hosts are required in other business fields as well.

A lot of business these days needs hosts to greet or welcome people so they can start their experience on a friendly note and helpful touch. This is best for freshers as it requires less or no experience, plus you do not need any big degree to apply for this job role.

Apart from greeting the customers, the other responsibilities of a host in a restaurant will be to take reservations, do callbacks, explain menu selections, assist the guests with their queries, etc.

The job role varies from business to business, so you will have to check the job description before you apply for this job. The average salary of a host/hostess is around $25,000 to $30,000 annually.

10. Concierge Service

You need to provide numerous services to hotel guests as a concierge. It is an excellent profile to opt for if you wish to have experience working in a hotel.

The leading role of a hotel concierge is to provide information and assistance to the hotel guests and communicate with them courteously and in a friendly way. Personal concierges are also appointed to celebrities, business tycoons or political leaders.

Various other duties include running errands to assist guests, arranging transportation, tours, activities, and recommending guests about local attractions, shopping, nightlife, recreational activities, restaurants.

Skills required to apply for this job are enthusiasm, good communication skills, knowledge about the nearby places and stamina to cope with long working hours. The average salary of a concierge ranges from $35,000 to $40,000. Now you know how many jobs are available in consumer services.

11. Bank Teller

If you are thinking about how many jobs are available in consumer services and if there is something in the banking sector for you, don’t worry.

There are numerous opportunities available in the banking sector as well. The job role of a bank teller is to greet customers, process transactions, and assist customers with their account queries.

The positions in a bank require prior training before they make you live for the job; also, you need a high school diploma or an equivalent degree to apply for this job.

Also, a lot of banks might ask for some prior experience in customer service or money handling. To apply for this job, the applicant needs to be good in accounts, mathematics and have the ability to manage money.

Some of the additional responsibilities include cashing checks, recording night and mail deposits, receiving deposits and loan payments and issuing saving withdrawals.

Thus, you need to handle the day-to-day financial transactions and manage their accounts. The average salary of a bank teller is around $30,000 to $35,000 annually.

12. Customer Service Supervisor

This role is similar to the customer service manager, but the major difference is that you need to keep a check on the junior or new CSRs and handle a small portion of the team.

Also, they are responsible for answering the queries of the employees and helping them in handling calls or unhappy customers. Multiple supervisors are required especially with a new team as they need more assistance both process-wise and in handling customers well.

To become a customer service supervisor, one should have excellent management and supervisory skills; furthermore, it is also essential to have good verbal and communication skills to communicate with both customers and employees.

It will help if you have excellent interpersonal and leadership skills, as that helps you handle the team well. It is essential for you to have a prior experience in customer services before you apply for this role.

The salary of a customer service supervisor is around $65,000 to $70,000 annually. Now you know how many jobs are available in consumer services.

13. Cashier

You can also opt for this role if you are good at handling cash. The primary duties as a cashier will be to administer cash, check and credit card transactions.

These jobs are usually available in supermarkets or retail stores, and the best part is that you do not need any prior experience or any high degree to apply for this job.

As a cashier, you need to ensure that the customer pays the right amount for the purchased products and you return them the correct amount of change.

You might also need to assist customers with small queries regarding a bill, price, discounts, deals, etc. You also need to deal with the exchange or return of the items and provide them with a refund.

The required skills to become a cashier are attention to detail, good listening, a positive attitude, excellent communication, time management and interpersonal skills. The average salary of a cashier ranges from $25,000 to $30,000.

14. Multilingual Customer Support Specialist

You can apply for this job only if you are well-versed in more than two languages. The job role is similar to that of customer support, but the difference is the knowledge of multiple languages.

As they have knowledge of two or more languages, this means that they can communicate with a large base of customers. These job roles are usually in companies with clients worldwide and need people who can communicate with them without any language barrier.

Skills required to become a multilingual customer support specialist are managing time effectively, handling stressful situations, good listening skills, attention to detail and communication etiquette.

The salary in this job role would range from $35000 to $40000 and can increase as your experience increases. Now you know how many jobs are available in consumer services.

15. Paralegal

You can also become a paralegal if you wish to work in the law department, as numerous job opportunities are available. To apply for this job you need to have a Bachelor’s degree programs are of a four-year college or university or an associate degree that takes 2 years.

The additional skills required are critical thinking, attention to detail, multitasking, a good memory, teamwork, empathy and observation skills.

Your role as a paralegal would be to assist law firms with administrative tasks for their clients and prepare important legal documents.

The legal documents can be for upcoming trials, investigating facts for cases by meeting clients and conducting additional research based on the facts collected.

There might be times when you will have to speak to the witnesses and take their interview plus stay in touch with the clients over the phone or email. The average salary of a paralegal varies from $40000 to $45000 annually.

16. Customer Success Associate

This is a job role that requires direct customer interaction. As a customer success associate, your responsibility will be to work with the customers, inform them about the product and its uses, set goals and execute campaigns.

Their major role is to assist customers by giving them advice, informing them about the related tools and industry knowledge to become successful.

The primary skills for becoming a customer success associate are empathy, communication, relationship building and customer data analysis. They are responsible for providing tangible solutions to all the business problems customers face.

The next important thing is that you should be proactive in giving insights as it makes the customers feel good and vital. The average salary of a customer success associate ranges from $50,000 to $60,000. Now you know how many jobs are available in consumer services.

17. Account Coordinator

When you want to know what is consumer services and what are the associated jobs, account coordinator is one job that you cannot think will come under this sector.

But, the good news is that this can be the best option for you if you are an accounts person and want to work in the consumer services department.

As an accounts coordinator, you will have to work directly with the clients to know their preferences on how they wish to do marketing, advertising and public relations campaigns.

Once you know their objectives, you will have to do thorough research to improve the campaign’s quality. To become an account coordinator, it would be better if you have good verbal and writing skills, time management, computer skills and the ability to think creatively.

Along with this, they will have to conduct frequent client meetings to discuss the progress of the campaign, present the project’s status and ensure that everything is done within their set budget and time. The average salary of an accounts coordinator is around $45000 to $50000 annually.

18. Director of Customer Experience

This is a high-end job where the responsibility will be to set a customer-focused vision for the company, which needs a lot of expertise and research.

You need excellent writing skills and attention to detail as you will have to make company policies based on data to help improve the customer experience and create goals for customer teams so that they can work accordingly.

The main skills required to become a director of the customer experience are empathy, adaptability and excellent communication and leadership skills.

The additional role includes overseeing the development and implementation of customer experience policies that will help better the customer’s overall satisfaction and improve brand loyalty.

You need to be enthusiastic, persuasive and dedicated to the customers all the time, and this is what you should inculcate in your subordinates in order to be successful.

19. Client Relations Specialist

The major role of a client relations specialist is to help resolve customer disputes between the enterprise and the customers, assess consumer needs and develop better customer support.

Other activities include providing high-quality services for customers by responding to their inquiries and concerns. Furthermore, it is their job to develop strong relations with clients by doing timely and accurate communication.

The skills required for a client relations specialist are excellent communication skills, computer skills, basic computer knowledge such as MS-Word, Excel and Office, writing skills and good listening.

It is important for them to use positive language to resolve the issues and provide clients with excellent experience and facilitate client retention. The average salary of a client relations specialist is $1,20,000 to $1,30,000.

20. Implementation Specialist

An implementation specialist’s role is to focus on assisting customers with product onboarding and their related queries.

A lot of people confuse their job roles with customer success associates and managers, but their work is slightly different. They work as partners and help companies with project management and campaign execution related to customer services.

They also assess the client’s requirements, develop estimates, make project plans, and ensure that implementation is done timely, within their budget, and fulfils the customer’s expectations. To become an implementation specialist, it is important for you to possess a bachelor’s degree in the related field.

The major skills required for this role are strong organizational skills, excellent written and verbal communication skills, the ability to identify areas for improvement, decision-making skills and problem-solving skills.

The average salary of an implantation specialist varies from $80,000 to $90,000. Now you know how many jobs are available in consumer services.

Advantages of the Consumer Services Sector

So, what is consumer services and what are its advantages? Consumer services sector comes with numerous benefits to both employees and companies; let’s have a look at some of them-

  • Consumer Loyalty: Companies can gain a lot from their loyal customers. It is important for you to know that more than 90% of customers say that good consumer services increase their chances of buying more things from the same brand. Also, it costs more than five times to acquire new customers; therefore, consumer services play an important role for every organization.
  • Employment Opportunities: The next important thing to consider is that there are numerous employment opportunities in this sector. You will be amazed to know that in the US alone, there are over 2.9 million jobs as of 2020, as per the data from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. This number itself portrays the job prospects and the options for you to choose from in this sector.
  • Boost Earnings: Good relations with the customers created through excellent customer service can boost the company’s earnings, plus giving them an edge over their competitors. Good customer service can help increase the company’s sales by 4 to 8% compared to those who don’t, so including this sector can help you gain more profits overall.
  • Stable Earnings: Besides earning a decent salary, there are various other added benefits, such as health insurance, paid vacations and much more.
  • Great way to build transferable skills: The skills you develop here, such as communication, problem-solving and interpersonal skills, can also be used in other career fields. These skills help you handle difficult situations with ease and tactfully. These skills can be valuable in almost every sector, which means it also opens diverse opportunities for you in different fields as well.

Disadvantages of the Consumer Services Sector

There are a few drawbacks as well for both companies and employers in the consumer services sector, such as-

  • The job can be very demanding and stressful, as you might need to work on weekends, holidays and night shifts as well.
  • Even a small mistake made by the customer service representative can damage your organization’s reputation.
  • This sector offers relatively less pay if you are working a simple job description job.
  • Also, you might have to handle demanding customers; dealing with them can be very challenging, at times.

Types of Consumer Services

By now, you very well know what is consumer services and the advantages and disadvantages of working in this sector. Before moving on to the types of jobs available, let us first know about the sectors wherein you can get consumer services jobs.

  • Healthcare Businesses: People looking for jobs in the consumer services sector can also get a job in the healthcare business as there is a high demand in the healthcare business as well. Because of the aging population and increased demand for healthcare services, the demand for consumer services employees has increased tremendously. There are numerous positions available, starting from retail to consumer services; you can opt for any as per your skills and interest.
  • Restaurants or hotels: Customers who make reservations at expensive restaurants or hotels are more concerned about getting good services at every step, be it reservations, reception, during their visit and even after that. As this hotel industry is booming, so is the demand for employees in the consumer services sector as well. So, if you love working in this field, this industry has many employment opportunities for you.
  • Transportation: A lot of transportation businesses, such as airlines, rental cars and taxi companies, are always in need of consumer service representatives. There are numerous job openings in this sector for different kinds of consumer services jobs; you can choose any as per your skills, experience, interest and qualification. Now you know how many jobs are available in consumer services.
  • Retail Businesses: Many retail stores need people who can help their customers with the products and assist them with their queries. The best thing is that this job profile does not require much qualification or experience; you only need good communication skills to handle the customer’s queries effectively. Thus, if you want to work in this sector, you can always check out in your local stores.

Some other sectors of consumer services are legal services, travelling, media and insurance.


Here are some commonly asked questions about consumer services jobs.

Q1. Is consumer services a good career path?

A1. Almost every industry is incomplete without consumer services; therefore, it is considered one of the most stable career paths. It is the most secure job pathway, as this job has existed since the beginning of civilization and will last until the world ends.

Q2. What are the job requirements in customer services job roles in general?

A2. There are high expectations from customer service workers, and the pay is relatively less at an entry-level position. They must be polite, knowledgeable, attentive listeners, and possess good communication and problem-solving skills.

Q3. Which are the top companies that offer consumer service jobs?

A3. The top companies you can search for consumer service jobs in are Apple, Amazon, Walmart, Target, Best Buy and Comcast. There are various other companies as well; you can choose as per your location and field.

Q4. How satisfied are employees working in the consumer services sector?

A4. Employees are pretty satisfied working in this field because of the nature of the work itself. They are usually in contact with the general public, which can be both challenging and rewarding. In fact, a lot of people like working in this sector because it offers a high level of flexibility, allowing them to work as per their schedule and work at their own pace.

By now, you very well know – how many jobs are available in consumer services. You will be amazed to hear that in the US, consumer service is the largest sector that accounts for around 70% of the total GDP. This industry has the third highest number of jobs available at an annual rate above 18%, and it is continually evolving. You can find such jobs on company websites, online job boards and on job search engines. So, start your search today and get the best job. Good Luck!

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