Types of Tween Magazines for Different Interests

Tween magazines offer a wealth of information about social activities, fashion, school, and more to 8 to 14-year-olds. For this age group, there is a great selection of magazines, and subscribing is easy!

Education Magazines for Tweens

Whether used at home or in the classroom, educational tween magazines present non-fiction articles and facts.

Ranger Rick

National Wildlife Federation publishes several nature magazines aimed at different age groups, including Ranger Rick. You can read the current issue online, but all other issues are only available in print. 

A subscription costs just under $20 for print and digital versions, and includes 10 issues filled with animal facts, games, and activities. Also on the website, kids can find more photos, games, and interactive elements such as surveys and nature photo contests.

Cricket Media Magazines

Cricket Media offers four different educational magazines aimed at tweens ages 9 to 14. Magazine subscriptions are available for one year or two years and you can choose between print-only, digital-only, or both print and digital versions. Each magazine includes nine issues and costs about $34 for a print-only version and $10 for a digital-only version.

  • Historical archaeological finds from around the world are covered in Dig Into History. There is a print only fee of $34 and a digital only fee of $10
  • Those with a travel bug will love Faces because it takes them on tours around the world so they can learn about different cultures and people.
  • A collection of old photographs, illustrations, and exciting true stories, Cobblestone showcases American history and the country’s past.
  • Muse, an informative magazine about modern science and art, is perfect for kids who are interested in science and the arts.

Tween Sports Magazines

Sports magazines can provide tweens with information on their favorite athletes or tips to improve their own game.

Sports Illustrated Kids

Sports Illustrated Kids is an offshoot of the adult magazine Sports Illustrated and is aimed at children aged 8 to 14. All content is related to health, nutrition, and sports, including topics such as setting goals and introducing new young athletes. There is a 6-issue subscription for $10 and a 12-issue subscription for $20 in the print version.

American Cheerleader

American Cheerleader, a sports magazine written by cheerleading experts, will be a favorite of cheerleaders and girls alike. In each issue, you’ll find tips on training, healthy lifestyles, and competition strategies, as well as interviews with top cheerleaders. There is only a digital format available for all issues at the moment. 

The app is free to download, but you’ll need to make in-app purchases to access all its content. There are dozens of free articles available on the website on a variety of topics.

General Interest Magazines for Tweens

A general magazine that covers everything from celebrities to self-reflection can be read by older kids and middle schoolers with varied interests.

Tiger Beat

Known for covering all things celebrity with a tween and teen perspective, Tiger Beat has been around for decades. A lot of great images and features on young celebrities are included in this magazine, which covers pop culture topics from style to music. Subscriptions include six issues for about $20, and 12-issue subscriptions cost $35 for two years.

Cricket Magazine

Children who love to read will enjoy Cricket magazine, which is aimed at tweens from 9 to 14. It includes fiction and non-fiction stories, poetry, and artwork on a variety of topics. For this ad-free periodical, a digital subscription costs around $10, while a print subscription costs about $34.

Jack and Jill

For kids between the ages of 6 and 12, Jack and Jill promotes educational and creative growth. The articles, activities, and games about current events, entertainment, and other topics encourage kids to be curious about the world around them. A one-year subscription costs $15 and includes a free activity book.

Girls’ World

The goal of Girls’ World is to inspire creativity among young people ages 7 to 11. A fun look at young celebrities is included as well as crafts and recipes. It covers a lot of female stars, but also covers party planning and animals, making it useful for creative boys as well. You can choose between six print issues or six digital issues for just under $20.

Tween Lifestyle Magazines

In lifestyle magazines for tween boys, tips and advice are provided on issues that boys in this age group face. Furthermore, tween girl magazines do not fail to cover issues that are unique to tween girls, as well as providing advice about things like hairstyles and fashion for preteens and tweens.

Boys Life

Originally published by the Boy Scouts of America, Boys Life Magazine is the official publication of the organization. The purpose of this magazine is to instill good citizenship and the spirit of fair play. Each issue includes scouting tips, jokes, and well-written stories. Subscriptions for 12 issues cost only $24 and include both print and digital versions. There are lots of great, free interactive activities and content on their website.

Girl’s Life

Featuring true stories about teen and tween problems, Girl’s Life is a magazine for tweens and teens. There are also advice columns, tips on how to succeed in school, making friends, peer pressure, recipes, crafts, and tips on hairstyles and fashion in each issue. 

It costs $20 for a six-issue annual subscription, but you can also subscribe for two or three years. Their website for tween girls features tons of free content to supplement the magazine.

New Moon Girls

Girl empowerment is at the core of New Moon Girls magazine, which is written by tweens and teens for tweens and teens. For about $44, you’ll receive six ad-free issues for the year. Alternatively, you can join their online support community for tween girls for $30. The content includes tips and advice on all things social and developmental for girls in this age group.

Kazoo Magazine

Through sharing inspirational stories and tips from successful women in all career fields, Kazoo empowers girls ages 5 to 12. The topics covered range from cooking and travel to sports and citizenship. Furthermore, critical thinking games and activities are included in the issues. 

The magazine has 64 pages and is ad-free. Subscriptions cost $40 per year and include four issues. Subscriptions to the magazine are also available in Canada and internationally for an additional fee.

Choosing Pre-Teen Magazines

Tweens have a variety of interests, including education, sports, fashion, and general activities. Consider the following factors when choosing which is best for your child:

  • Interested in
  • Subjects you enjoy studying in school
  • Team and club organizations
  • Interests or curiosity areas
  • Keeping a budget

Where to Buy Tween Magazines

Tween magazines can be found in person or online. You can search the internet for the website of the magazine you want to subscribe to if you know which one you want. In print copies of the magazine, you can also find a subscription card to mail in. Here are some places that regularly stock kid’s magazines:

  • An area for children or teens in a public library
  • School libraries for middle and high school students
  • Bookstore franchises
  • Branches of children’s bookstores
  • Magazine stands and newsstands
  • Magazine sections in grocery stores

Periodicals for Pre-Teens

There are plenty of awesome magazines aimed at the tween crowd, whether you’re looking for educational or entertainment content. Subscriptions to magazines make great gifts for tweens and even classrooms. You can read one or two magazines at your local library before selecting one to buy. The next step is to explore current events for teens.

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