Awesome Summer Bucket List for Teens

Make a summer bucket list to inspire you with fun and exciting activities you can do all summer long. Make a summer bucket list that motivates you every day by considering your summer goals and life goals.

Printable Summer Bucket List for Teens

Here’s an editable summer bucket list that’s divided into six categories: Serious Stuff, Social Media Stuff, With Family, With Friends, Adventure and Rebellion, and Just for Fun. The bucket list can be used as is or you can make changes based on your own ideas. 

You can check off each item as you complete it throughout the summer to see where you stand. You can find tips and tricks on how to use the printable in the Adobe Guide.

Tips for Making Your Own Summer Bucket List

The purpose of a bucket list is to challenge yourself to engage in meaningful and memorable experiences. Your bucket list should reflect who you are or who you want to become.

Start by Defining Your Goals

Take a moment to consider your overall summer goal. Do you just want to have fun or do you want to accomplish as many things as possible? What is most important to you, or what is most important to the people you care about? 

To accomplish your overall goal or goals for summer, begin brainstorming smaller tasks and experiences that you can realistically accomplish.

Plan Ahead

Summer is just around the corner, so start making your summer bucket list now. When you have a summer bucket list in place before the first day of summer, you can start checking items off right away. 

When you think of bucket list items, make sure to write them down. While you can add to the list throughout the summer, having a plan from the beginning will help you succeed.

Things to Put on a Summer Bucket List

Good things to put on your summer bucket list include activities that help you:

  • Don’t be afraid to try something new
  • Discover something new
  • Experiencing new things and places
  • Get to know different people and share your experiences
  • Achieve professional or personal goals
  • Be present in the moment
  • Take a risk and step outside your comfort zone
  • Build stronger bonds with family and friends
  • Learn a new skill or pursue a new hobby
  • Make a fool of yourself

Ideas for a Homemade Summer Bucket List

You can make your own summer bucket list on a piece of paper, but it will be more enticing and motivating if it looks as fun as it sounds.

  • Use dry erase markers to write the list on your bedroom windows or a tall mirror.
  • Start a bullet journal that includes your list and notes about completing each task.
  • Write each item on a decorative piece of paper then hang them all from a zig-zag clothesline on the wall.
  • Make a bucket list mobile to hang in your room.
  • Write each item on a separate slip of paper then put them in a jar you can pull from each day.

Tips for Using a Summer Bucket List

Creating your bucket list is one thing, actually using it all summer is another thing. Once you’ve made your list, try these tips to make sure you use it.

Keep It Where You Can See It

If you have to look at the list every day, you’re more likely to stick to it. Hang the list on your bedroom door or on the bathroom mirror so it’s literally in your face all summer long. Keep a photo of the list on your phone as your wallpaper so it’s always within sight. Having multiple copies of the list in places you frequent can also help keep you on track.

Cross Off Items on a Master List

Even though you might have multiple copies for reference, make sure there is one master list where you cross off completed items. Seeing the items checked off or crossed off gives you feelings of accomplishment and hope that the whole list can be done.

Share It With Others

When you share your ideas with friends or family members, they become real. Those people can then also engage you in conversations about how far along you are which holds you accountable.

Keep It Fun

A summer bucket list is meant to be fun, not a list of chores. If you’re not having fun with your list, consider making a new one. Instead of getting caught up in completing the list, check in with yourself regularly to make sure the actual experiences are the most important part for you.

Fill Your Bucket

Whether you complete a bucket list alone, with your family, or with friends, you have the power to create your most unforgettable summer yet with a little planning. 

Setting these small goals you’ll complete every day helps you achieve the larger goal of having the most awesome summer ever! For more fun, share some teenage mad libs with your friends.

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