Teen Slang Words and Phrases and Their Meanings

Teenage slang can be confusing for adults, but this guide is here to help bridge the gap. The following are some of the most commonly used slang terms by teens and their meanings.

It’s important to note that slang can have multiple meanings and it may vary among different communities and regions.

Slang Terms and Their Meanings:


A term used to refer to someone as a bro, pal, or buddy.
Example: “Sorry, fam, I can’t hang out later.”


Short for “before anyone else”, used to refer to a boyfriend, girlfriend or someone the speaker loves.
Example: “Lauren is bae. I love her.”


An expression used to show enthusiasm or excitement.
Example: “That new song, doe.”


Used to describe someone who is high-maintenance or demanding.
Example: “My mom’s being so extra today.”


A combination of “hungry” and “angry”, used to describe when someone is angry due to hunger.
Example: “I need to eat. I’m getting hangry.”


Used to describe something that looks good or is on point.
Example: “Their outfit is snatched.”


A group of close friends or a friend group.
Example: “I’m going to the game with the squad tonight.”


Used to describe someone who is seeking attention in a desperate or unattractive way.
Example: “I can’t believe she did that. She’s just thirsty.”


A more enthusiastic way of saying “yes”.
Example: “I’m getting a new car! Yaass!!!”


To throw away or remove quickly, also used to express excitement or when someone is defeated in a video game.
Example: “Noah shouted “yeet” when he beat his friend in Fortnite (a video game).”


Used to describe someone who is aware and enlightened about current societal issues.
Example: “You need to get woke.”


Describes someone’s reaction when they are shocked or surprised by something.
Example: “This lady was yelling at a Starbucks employee and I was shook.”


Describes someone who is in good physical shape.
Example: “Wow, he’s really swole.”


Used to describe something that’s good, great, or awesome.
Example: “Everything is Gucci.”


Used to describe something that is secretive or private.
Example: “I lowkey like Ariana Grande.”


The opposite of lowkey, used to describe something that is obvious or intense.
Example: “He highkey wants those pants.”


To show off, often in a arrogant manner.
Example: “Girl, you flexing.”


Used to describe someone who is bitter or irritated about something.
Example: “The minute you lose, you get all salty.”


Used to describe something that is cool, awesome, fly, or fresh.
Example: “His car is so drip.”

This guide is meant to serve as a reference for understanding teen slang, but it’s always best to ask the teen for clarification if you’re still unsure about the meaning.

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